6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting Zimbabwe
Free Web Hosting Zimbabwe

Web hosting has become one of the most important models of online businesses in the digital age of the 21st century. It’s a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible via the World Wide Web.

With that said, web hosting services differ in terms of quality and expenses depending on the expertise of every web hosting organization. Less than one year ago, a group of Zimbabwean technopreneurs decided to throw the hat in the ring of web hosting business and established what is known today as Free Web Hosting.

Oh yes, I said free web hosting. That’s both the name of the organization and the cost of their services. Free! At a hatchling stage, Free Web Hosting grabbed the attention of website developers, tech hubs, companies and the blogging community nationally with nearly five hundred (500) domains registered and counting as per The Informant article published December last year.

In case you didn’t know why this hosting company managed to get their impact across the cyberspace within such a short space of time, here are six mind-blowing reasons that will make you follow suit and choose Free Web Hosting.

  1. Free Hosting: By now you probably know what it takes to get a unique and custom web address from other web hosting companies. If you’re on WordPress.com hosting platform, you pay $48 yearly just for the basic plan under which the web owner only hears about the name cPanel without access to it. Now, what you’re reading next will shock you. Free Web Hosting only asks for $8 or $13 one-time registration fee. You’re set up and your only task is to self-manage your website with full access to your Cpanel and admin dashboard. How does that sound?
  2. Free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates: This is one of the most important components of any website, especially ones that require users to enter confidential data. In fact, websites without this security feature have since been flagged out by some browsers due to the risks they incur. This explains why Web services providers like GoDaddy peg it at $219 a year. At Free Web Hosting, SSL is already available as soon as a site is registered without extra payment required. All it takes is a few settings which do not require web expertise at all.  If you want to get better ranking on Google Search Engine, ensure security guarantee to your site visitors and make your site accessible on all browsers by adding SSL feature, Free Web Hosting does exactly that at no cost!
  3. Support Expertise: It might sound like an exaggeration but Free Web Hosting has some tried and tested, customer-friendly and hospitable web services support experts. I didn’t want to make it known that I transferred my domain from GoDaddy for no other reason besides terrible customer care services rendered by the organization. If you’re hosting your domain with the aforementioned web services provider, there is something that makes us different.
  4. Access to Admin Dashboard: A very crucial aspect of web ownership. This is the only defining phenomenon that offers a web owner the privilege and full control over what to add or remove from the site. My nearly one-year experience of web hosting with GoDaddy was met with themes breaking down each time I tried to add custom codes. And guess what, no solutions were offered and I had to hustle and find my way out each time I created a mess. Amazingly, on my Free Web Hosting-hosted account I can alter theme codes as much as I want without any breakage coming my way. There are two main reasons a theme breaks down, it’s either the web host does not allow you to edit anything without their permission or some key features of the theme are restricted by the developers.
  5. Custom Email: A custom email or an email address unique to a certain organization attracts customers’ attention and validate the status of the organization. Under basic WordPress.com-managed hosting and GoDaddy, only on custom email is offered per every website registered on the same plan. Remember, these hosting platforms that make you pay a minimum of about $45 yearly on the basic hosting plan. Then entered Free Web Hosting, five custom emails on free plan! Any employer who wishes to make employees feel unique and share the status of their business, really knows which one to choose!
  6. Subdomain: Which web services provider cares so much about customers that it gives at least a subdomain for a user on free web hosting plan? Free Web Hosting does! And did you know the amount of money you spend on the premium plan to get a subdomain could actually land you a lifetime real web hosting with all the services, including priority customer service support at Free Web Hosting holding company NivaCity? If you pay anything above $75 a year somewhere else, you might want to give these guys a try, surely you won’t regret.

When all is said and done, the above are just but some of the outstanding reasons for choosing Free Web Hosting as a web services provider. Are you a Zimbabwean or South African? If so, I highly recommend you check these guys out today. And well, I nearly left without telling you this. Hosting registration fee is charged in your local currency and as such you don’t need to fret hunting for hard-to-find United States Dollars.